The 4 Must Try Foods When You Step Foot In Baoshan

Let’s admit that whenever we are in an unfamiliar place, the first thing we check is the kind of food we can eat. All of a sudden we will be a food critic trying to taste all the food we can. There is nothing wrong with that because we may not be able to taste it again. With that being said, check out the must try foods when you are in Baoshan.

  1. Xianchun Bean Noodles

Food with a little spice on it that makes it stand out is Xianchun Bean Noodles. It is delicately made with the exquisite style of cutting, and it’s good enough when you are using chopsticks.

  1. Dajiujia

It’s made from Erkuai which is a local ingredient in Baoshan. Don’t worry because you are not going to eat Erkuai as is. It will be cooked with ham, egg, tomato and carrots. Once everything is ready, it is bound to be deep fried.

  1. Hetu Dashao

It is one of the traditional dishes of Baoshan. You’ll be surprised how good it taste most especially when it’s partnered with Xianchun Bean Noodles. The tandem is perfect eaten with each other.

  1. Dabaoipian

I bet you anything that with this dish, you will enjoy it better if you can see how it is prepared. You got to have some expertise with cutting techniques to be able to pull this dish off. It’s all about the ears, mouth and tongue of the pig. It will also consume a lot of time to have it prepared. My best advice is to grab the opportunity to taste the food when you’re given a chance.

The great foods available in Baoshan, Yunnan are proof that the place is vibrant in all aspect most especially in culture, history and their practice.