Baoshan, Yunnan is not a small place that you can finish touring around within a whole day. Here are some guides that can help you out preparing your trip. Let’s start with the primary places that you need to know.

Tenchong City

If you are fond of the great volcanic structures of nature, it is the best place to start your tour. You would be able to see volcanic parks that will amaze you. There are also a lot of hot springs available where you can dip in anytime.

Longyang District

It is another good place to start. It is the place where you can see the seat of Baoshan local government. If you want to know a lot of things about the site as per their rules and regulations, drop by the Longyang District first.

Changning County

It is the area where you can see most of the historical and cultural heritage of Baoshan. You’ll get to see numerous museums that can tell you a lot about the place.

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